Finally, Insurance That Can Make a Difference

Clallam County might just be the most expensive place in the US to evict a tenant. My cheapest quote thus far is over $1,200 for a normal process, from the point where we need an attorney to a simple judgement for possession. If we get to a move out with the Sheriff, there’s more – cleaning, moving, disposal, and of course lost rent. Surevestor covers these costs as part of their landlord policy, and covers other items too.

I suggest that you research and decide if it’s right for you. They only cover rentals with over $1,000 in rent. They also want to see 2 months of good payments to qualify, sort of like pre-existing conditions. I am authorizing them to send you 3 emails (sorry, but otherwise it’s me doing the same thing). The choice of whether or not to insure is yours. I do not get paid to endorse them or if you sign up. The plans run from $350 to $400.

They only insure property that’s professionally managed. I am sure that reduces their exposure. Our normal eviction to managed units ratio is only about 1/2 of 1 percent. Usually we can talk a tenant in trouble into moving out, before doing the court-date-sheriff-clean-up part. In one case this year, we even sent a nice refund to the tenant!

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