Dog Blog

Blue Sage Realty has several policies regarding pets. As individuals, we all love and keep our own pets. I am personally a great admirer of German Shepherds and Dobermans. As a company, we are here to protect the owner from liability and damage. First, pet approval is dependent on the owner’s wishes. Furthermore, we are looking for “adult, fixed and friendly” pets.

  • Adult pets aren’t as destructive. They should be house-trained and finished teething. Young cats are quite energetic about climbing drapes, and we hope adult pets have calmed down somewhat.
  • Fixed pets aren’t as destructive. Females coming into heat and having litters creates messes. They attract males from all over town. Males tend to bust out of yards, looking for those females. Intact animals are more prone to “marking” territory.
  • Generally, unacceptable dog breeds are those bred to defend territory, animals or people, or to fight other animals. Their breeding makes them more prone to biting, plus they are usually bigger and more dangerous if they do bite. We don’t want to take any call regarding a nuisance dog hurting a person. Our policy is that dogs 50 lbs and over must be approved by both management AND the owner. There are so many breeds (and mutts), there is no reasonable way to keep a list of the wrong type of dog. New breeds and crosses are discovered daily.
  • Has the pet ever bitten? The reasoning is obvious, regardless of size or breed.
  • Dogs are approved in person, if they reside in the area. If not, then we call on their vet and your old landlords for a reference. We are looking to see how socialized the dog is.
  • No “future” pets. Bringing a pet that you’ve already lived and bonded with is very different from going to the pound to pick up a new one. The new pet will be frightened, inclined to mark territory, will be an unknown to you as well. It may not even be house-trained! Our landlords are not interested in having their investment used to break in your new pet.
  • Consider your situation. Active dogs don’t belong in homes without yards. Many types won’t work out well if they are left alone for long periods of time. Barking dogs are nuisances no matter what kind of home.

Our primary job is to protect the owners. Most landlords would prefer no pets at all. There are so many pet-owning tenants, however, the wisest course is to pick the right tenant who has the right pet.Buck_The_GSD